Artist Hong Bao 1

Hong Bao

Chinese Art, Minerals, Contemporary Art 

Hong Bao was born in 1984 in the city of Shantou located inside the province of Guangdong, China. She obtained her BFA in 2008 from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and proceeded with an MFA, in the same university, that she completed in 2011. Hong’s interest lies in an ancient painting techniques. She engaged in creating mineral paintings and perfected her skills in the research of heavy modern coloured rock. Her aim is to make the best use of this ancient art in order to depict the tastes of young people. Her works are full of poetic modern fairy tales, illustrating the way she feels is her generation’s intersection of reality and fantasy. She is in search for the free and wonderful imagination happening in a modern city, or more precisely, a “peach garden” that could remind us of innocence.

Chinese Art, Minerals

Contemporary Art

Hello From Far Away
Greeting from Far Away,
Contemporary Art 42*46cm
Companion, Contemporary Art
Sweet Secret
Sweet Secret, Contemporary Art
Moon Night, Contemporary Art

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